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The Almond​s Pre-School

EST 1966

The Almonds Pre-School Staff



Mrs Janis Russell        Responsible for Safeguarding Children & Equal Opportunities

Deputy Head

Mrs Janet Bodily        Co-ordinator for children with Special Needs

                                  Also holds title of Music Co-ordinator

Team of Practitioners

Mrs Julie Brown           Responsible for 'Looked after Children'

Mrs Dawn Kerley         Liaison link with Bromham Lower School

Mrs Mary Newman      Ideas Co-ordinator

Mrs Rebecca Tilling     Responsibe for 'Health & Safety including 'Fire Safety'

Mrs Dawn Sturge         Behaviour Management

Mrs Tracy Matthews

Mrs Caroline Phillips

Mrs Ros Ilic                 Craft & Window Decoration

Mrs Brenda Wesley     Responsible for Snack & Kitchen

Each member of staff has a vital role within the setting. They have to be committed to good quality childcare and have the knowledge and understanding to deliver this. We work very much as a team, we treat the children as if they were our own and if they need a cuddle they get one. We are firm but fair and we expect the children to learn good manners and to treat others with kindness. Our children become aware of the boundaries set, and of the behaviour expectations of the setting. The staff and children develop good relationships which we consider to be the basis for a good start in the life of a young child.

All our staff are fully qualified or have a great deal of experience over many years.