The Almond​s Pre-School

EST 1966

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All our policies are designed to offer the best possible experience for the children and families  in the group.
Below is a list of all the policies we hold and any or all of them are available for you to read if required.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

1.      Curriculum
2.      Admissions
3.      Behaviour Management
4.      Discipline/Unacceptable Behaviour including Physical Intervention & Restraint
5.      Anti Bullying
6.      Safeguarding Children/Prevent
7.      Allegations Against Staff
8.      Special Educational Needs & Disabilities
9.      Confidentiality
10.    Diet Policy & Practice
11.    Emergency Procedures/Fire Policy
12.    Intruder on Premises
13.    Missing Child
14.    Unauthorised Pick up of Child
15.    Unclaimed Children
16.    Serious Accident involving Child/Adult
17.    Sudden Illness of Child/Adult/Member of Staff
18.    Equal Opportunities
19.    Health, Safety & Hygiene including Intimate Care/Nappy Changing
20.    Parental Involvement/Record Keeping/Outings Policy
21.    Outdoor Play Policy
22.    No Smoking/No Alcohol
23.    Selecting of Equipment & Toys
24.    Staffing & Employment/Student Placement including Staff Supervision
25.    Recruitment
26.    Complaints
27.    Racist Incident Policy
28.    Fees Policy
29.    Mobile Phone & Social Networking

30.    General Data Protection Regulation