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The Almond​s Pre-School

EST 1966

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Our curriculum strategy has been developed using a combination of EYFS educational programmes, curriculum guidelines and key skills & knowledge, we believe, help to prepare a child to be ready-to-learn at school.

Our flexible, termly, learning plans bring our strategy to life with themes, activities and resources chosen to engage and inspire play and reinforce learning. These are delivered through a blend of child-led free play, adult-guided play, adult-led activities and daily routines. From our curriculum children will have the opportunity to...............

Communication & Language

Develop communication skills in a word-rich environment. Build speech, vocabulary and develop conversation. Demonstrate appropriate listening skills.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development 

Develop social skills and build friendships.

Learn about sharing, taking turns.

Be in an environment where praise is used. 

Grow in confidence and begin to become more independent.

Learn the importance of rules and boundaries and get used to school-type routines.

Physical Development

Develop and strengthen a range of gross physical movement skills.

Evolve and practice their fine motor/hand control skills and hand-eye co-ordination.


Discover books full of wonderful fiction and filled with facts and imagery. Begin to associate sound with letters.

Access a range of mark-making equipment. Explore own free mark-making and evolve different grip types in preparation for writing.

Begin to form some letter shapes.


Have a solid understanding of value of numbers to 5. Link numeral and quantity to 5. Subitise to 3. Rote count to 10 and beyond.

Develop an awareness of pattern in number.

Have an understanding of more, less and the same. 

Explore and recognise shapes. 

Understanding the World

Begin to describe themselves, their families and homes. Learn about different family types. Develop an awareness of diversity in people and cultures. Recognise different occupations.

Explore an understanding of the present, past and future.

Learn about, experience and familiarise themselves with elements of the natural world. Be encouraged to respect living things.

​Investigate materials and textures both manmade and natural.

Expressive Arts & Design

Immerse themselves in imaginative play.

Explore and recognise colours. Create and construct with a range of different materials.

Express their creativity through music, dance, song, craft and art.

This Curriculum is delivered by means of 'Learning Through Play'