At The Almonds Pre-School we have three separate classes


              Mrs Brown

                Mrs Sturge  


 Mrs Russell

 Mrs Bodily

 Mrs Phillips

   Mrs Ilic

   Mrs Matthews

   Mrs Newman

             Mrs Kerley

              Mrs Tilling 


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The Almond​s Pre-School

EST 1966



Ladybird Class


Children enter the Ladybird Class aged 2 years 6 months or earlier in certain circumstances.

(We are able to take children from age two years)

In this class they learn to mix with other children, to share and make friends. They become interested in other's play and start to join in - they may form special friendships with other children. They can take part in activities to develop their confidence and build up their social skills.




​         Butterfly Class                                                       Rainbow Class




Children move into these classes from the start of the autumn term 12 months prior to beginning school. Both classes are essentially working towards the same goal which is ensuring that all the children achieve their potential in all areas of learning and leave us confident, happy and well adjusted children.

The two classes have equal amounts of children which are split by age - the Rainbows having the older children whilst the younger ones are in the Butterfly class.

These classes could merge depending on circumstances.